2014 Gaucho Researcher Award

The Foundation for Research Support of Rio Grande do Sul (Fapergs), linked to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technological Development (SCIT), announced on Wednesday (1) the standouts of the gaucho scientific research.

Main distinction focused on science and technology of the State, the Gaucho Researcher Award has graced 14 researchers responsible for studies in five fields of knowledge, industry and technological innovation. The award demonstrates the important role of research in improving the lives of society. [1]

In the category Researcher in Company, the GMAP | UNISINOS researcher, Dr. Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, won the prize which was competed by many researchers from all over the Rio Grande do Sul.

This is one more Award that GMAP | UNISINOS received in 2014, showing the relevance of the Group researches and the ability of its researchers.

To read more informations about the Gaucho Researcher Award, visit: www.fapergs.rs.gov.br

[1] - http://www.fapergs.rs.gov.br/conteudo_puro.php?cod_conteudo=1028&cod_menu=1

ABEPRO Award 2014 - Best Masters Dissertation

GMAP | UNISINOS Researchers oriented the Best Masters Dissertation in Production Engineering of Brazil in 2014.

The dissertation, oriented and co-oriented by Prof. Dr. Daniel Pacheco Lacerda and Prof. Dr. Luís Felipe Riehs Camargo, both researchers at GMAP, which is entitled: "Do the improvements programs really matter? An evaluation in a manufacturing company", won the contest between competitors from all over the country, being rated as the Best Masters Dissertation of Brazil.

For the second consecutive year, the award is earned by students in the Postgraduate Program in Production Engineering of Unisinos, also oriented by the researchers of GMAP | UNISINOS.

Scholarship of Productivity in Technological Development and Innovative Extension

The academic coordinator of GMAP | UNISINOS, Ph.D. Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, was distinguished by CNPq - National Council for Scientific and Technological Development - receiving the Scholarship of Productivity in Technological Development and Innovative Extension - Level 2, which has the point to distinguish the researcher, appreciating its production in technological development and innovation according a normative criteria established by CNPq, and specifically, the Evaluation Committee.

Among the technical productions attributed to Lacerda, are:

  • Development of products or processes not patented.

  • Publications of technological issues such as journal articles, books and technical manuals and booklets.

  • Software development.

  • Provision of technological services.

  • Technical advisory.

  • Business initiatives: participation in the organization and management of technological projects development, especially in partnerships with companies.

  • Organization of a technological training program (residency, internship, specialization).

  • Orientation of students and scholarship students  for technological expertise: masters, doctorate and scholarship students in modalities of technological promotion.

  • Organization or participation in technological events such as: courses, seminars and workshops.

ABEPRO Award 2013 - Best Masters Dissertation

The Dissertation "Design Science Research: método de pesquisa para engenharia de produção" of Aline Dresch, supervised by Professor Daniel P. Lacerda, received the 2013 ABEPRO award in the category Masters Dissertation. In addition to recognizing the competence of the author and mentor, the award evidences the quality of the Graduate Program in Production Engineering and Systems from Unisinos.

VI SETCERGS Prize of Logistics

In July 2013, the Undergraduate Final Dissertation in Production Engineering of Tobias Baum Junge, oriented by Professorr Luís Felipe Riehs Camargo, was awarded first place in the VI SETCERGS Prize of Logistics (VI Prêmio SETCERGS de Logística).

The winning work has as theme the Development of a computer simulation model of the processes of expedition and receiving of an distribution event in the design phase for analysis of the resources involved.

This recognition shows the value of both the Bachelor in Production Engineering of Unisinos (Graduação em Engenharia de Produção da Unisinos), as Research Groups such as GMAP | UNISINOS.

Outstanding Paper Award for Excellence

The article "Service process engineering and process analysis using the theory of constraints thinking process", authored by Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Luis Henrique Rodrigues and Ricardo Cassel, was granted the Outstanding Paper Award for Excellence, of Emerald Literati Network publisher 2011, being elected the best article published in an international scientific journal in the year.

III Prêmio SETCERGS de Logística

Em junho de 2010, o Trabalho de Conclusão da Graduação em Engenharia de Produção de Marco André Angelim, orientado pelo professor Dr. Luís Henrique Rodrigues, fora distinguido com o segundo lugar no III Prêmio SETCERGS de Logística.

O TCC que tinha como título “Análise de Sequenciamento de Produção de Premoldados – Torre de Aerogeradores E – 70”, teve por objetivo o diagnóstico operacional da empresa no que se refere aos principais aspectos de sua estrutura e processos de fabricação de segmentos de concreto pré-moldados com o propósito de promover o fortalecimento contínuo da empresa.

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