The SEBRAE System - Brazilian Service to Support Micro and Small Enterprises - is a private entity with public-interest that intends to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit and promote competitiveness and self-sustainable development of small businesses.

The history of SEBRAE in Rio Grande do Sul started in 1972. 40 years ago, the Brazilian Service to Support Micro and Small Enterprise in Rio Grande do Sul (Sebrae / RS) was instituted as an private associative entity, non-profit, in the form of autonomous social service. [1]

Read more about the projects developed in a partnership of GMAP | UNISINOS an SEBRAE/RS:

Method of the Project Business to Business Stage 3 and Modeling of Pre-Disposition to Collectivism of Sebrae/RS

Support for modeling and redesign of critical management processes and financial management of accredited of SEBRAE

Development of Content Structure and Management Processes of Sebrae's Collective Projects

Have a look at all the itens that GMAP | UNISINOS e SEBRAE/RS have in common.

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