Vision, Strategy & Virtue


Our vision is defined as follows:

"Being recognized as a national and international reference in the applied research to modeling approach to learning in complex situations."

It means that, by promoting applied research projects using modeling approaches, especially those suitable for complex situations (such as Systems Thinking), we will be contributing to the advancement of both the society and the advancement of science itself.

Thus, "being a recognized research group" is not our goal, but the way which the achievement of the purpose becomes evident.



The GMAP | UNISINOS operates mainly in the development of research projects. Research projects may have different goals, but even then, they use the same group of skills and techniques of the domain of GMAP | UNISINOS.

Exemplifying, the GMAP uses Systems Thinking in projects of social and economic impact, as assistance in the definition of avenues for sustainable development of cities, to the achievement of strategic objectives of our companies.



We believe that applied research to the relevant problems of our society can make a difference in our country. Our work is guided in punctuality and excellence, while we  maintain a partnership relationship with our clients. As Goldratt would say: "It is always possible to achieve a win-win solution."

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