Souza Cruz

Souza Cruz is leader of the domestic market. The company has six of the ten best selling brands in Brazil, producing about 80 billion cigarettes per year. In the first half of 2012, the participation of Souza Cruz was 60.1% of the Brazilian total market.

Operating across the product lifecycle, from production and processing of tobacco to manufacturing and distribution of cigarettes, Souza Cruz directly serves about 300,000 retails across the country, beyond the reach of nearly five thousand cities.

In tobacco production, are integrated 30 000 farmers, who receive technical assistance from the company. Besides tobacco processing for own manufacturing cigarettes, for the domestic market, the integrated production system of Souza Cruz produces more than 120 tons of tobacco for export, serving more than 40 countries on five continents.

More than thousands of jobs, Souza Cruz generates wealth. Souza Cruz is one of the largest business groups in Brazil, a public company listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) and part of the British American Tobacco group - present in 180 countries. Souza Cruz ranks among the 10 largest contributors of taxes in Brazil and takes income for 80% of Brazilian cities ($ 7.6 billion in taxes paid per year - numbers 2011 - providing social benefits). And almost 10% of gross income from Souza Cruz is invested into innovative and important for the country's development activities. [1]

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