The Coordination of Personnel Improvement of Higher Education (Capes), Foundation of the Ministry of Education (MEC), plays a key role in the expansion and consolidation of stricto sensu postgraduate (masters and doctorate) in all states of the Federation.

In 2007, also started to act in the formation of basic education teachers expanding the reach of its shares in the formation of qualified staff in Brazil and abroad.

Capes activities can be grouped into the following courses of action, each developed by a structured set of programs:

  • Evaluation of stricto sensu postgraduation;

  • Access and dissemination of scientific production;

  • Investment in the formation of high-level resource in the country and abroad;

  • Promotion of international scientific cooperation;

  • Induction and promotion of initial and continuing education of teachers for basic education in the classroom and distance formats.

Capes has been critical to the successes achieved by the national graduate system, both in terms of the consolidation of the current frame, as in the construction of the changes that the advancement of knowledge and the demands of society require. [1]

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