Systems Thinking: Avenues of Sustainable Development

How to plan economic and social development of a city, considering the impacts of these decisions over time? How to consider the views of various actors of society and reach a consensus about what is needed for a city to develop in the long term? How evaluate in a objective way the possible avenues of investment of a city?

Promoted by Samarco Mineração[1][2], in partnership with the GMAP | UNISINOS, the project "Systems Thinking: Avenues for Sustainable Development" had the objective of answer these questions in the context of cities of Mariana (MG), Guarapari (ES) and Anchieta (ES). Using the Systems Thinking Methodology, the project identified avenues of sustainable development, which simultaneously will encourage the economic development of such cities and will provide improved quality of life of its inhabitants over time.

Such an initiative of a company to invest directly in long-term planning of the cities where it operates, through a methodology favorable to the treatment of complex problems, shows that it is possible to use academic knowledge to reach a win-win solution for companies and for society.

In this sense, the conduct of such research aligns with the permanent objective of UNISINOS elated to research, namely: “Promote the production of knowledge committed to improving teaching and focused on the treatment of social necessities." [3]

Applying the research in a situation of such importance to society, the project reflected in the various local media. Here's how the project impacted in the media of the city.

Prefeitura de Guarapari - Reportagem Guarapari em Ação [9]

Jornal Tribuna - Vitória

Jornal Tribuna - Vitória

Samarco: Relatório de Sustentabilidade 2013 – Mensagem do Presidente [2]

Samarco: Relatório de Sustentabilidade 2013 [1]

Site - Prefeitura de Anchieta [4]

Site - Portal 27 - Anchieta [5]

Portal O Liberal – Mariana [6]

Site – Prefeitura Municipal de Guarapari – [7]

De Fato Online [8]

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