How Unisinos contributes to improve management of more than 1 million enterprises in Brazil?

GMAP | UNISINOS and SEBRAE worked together in the last 5 years modeling the Business to Business Project. This is one of the projects promoted by SEBRAE with the highest coverage in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and in Brazil. Throughout the country, more than 1 million companies received personal assistance through this project [1]. Have a look on how it works watching the video below:

As SEBRAE promotes the Execution and Project Coordination, the GMAP | UNISINOS contributes in the early stages of the project: The Development of Method and Tools to guide the project implementation. After the project execution throughout Brazil, the project was redesigned as a business platform for SEBRAE. This job was finished on March 20, 2015, and delivered for Technical Directors of SEBRAE/RS. From now SEBRAE will run the new methodology in the state and in Brazil. In addition to contributing to management improvement of brazilian companies, this project shows that the result of academic work is relevant and useful to organizations and society. Check the photo of the Project delivery.

From left to right: Fábio Krieger - Sectorial Management of Commerce and Service - SEBRAE/RS; Viviane Ferran - Individual Service Management - SEBRAE/RS ; Márcia Perachi - Individual Service Management - SEBRAE/RS; Ayrton P. Ramos - Technical Director - SEBRAE/RS; Daniel Pacheco Lacerda - GMAP | UNISINOS; Aline Dresch - GMAP | UNISINOS; Douglas Veit - GMAP | UNISINOS.

Read more about this project in this link.


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