Night of Autographs - Innovation Management and Brazilian Competitivity and Design Science Research

Past June, occurred the event for release and disclosure of two books by GMAP | UNISINOS researchers: Innovation Management and Brazilian Competitivity and Design Science Research: Research Method for Advancement of Science and Technology, at Rio de Janeiro..

The first, writen by Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, argues to theoretical discussions and practical deployments of innovation management. The second, writen by Aline Dresch, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda and Junico Antunes, demonstrates how to conduct and execute a research based on Design Science Research.

To access these works, follow the links: Gestão da Inovação e Competitividade no Brasil and Design Science Research.

10 Articles Approved in ENEGEP 2015

On 1 July 2015, the Brazilian Association of Production Engineering - ABEPRO released the results of the evaluations of articles submitted to the XXXV National Meeting in Production Engineering - ENEGEP. In all, the GMAP | UNISINOS team had ten articles approved by peers, described below:


Minimizing maintenance costs: An alternative to balance the resources of a preventive maintenance schedule using Linear Programming and Reliability Engineering

Authors: Pedro Nascimento de Lima, Douglas Rhoden Calderaro, Dieter Brackmann Goldmeyer, Luis Henrique Rodrigues e Maria Isabel Wolf Motta Morandi


Lean office in practice: Proposition and application of a method in a perspective of process management

Authors: Pedro Nascimento de Lima, Mateus Girardi Tegner, Secundino Luis Henrique Corcini Neto e Douglas Rafael Veit


Proposition of a systemic approach to identify levering actions to increase interdepartmental cooperation

Authors: Mateus dos Santos Machado, Luis Henrique Rodrigues, Pedro Nascimento de Lima e Maria Isabel Wolf Motta Morandi


Value Stream Mapping: a case study in a large brewery

Authors: Diego Damasio de Lima, Mateus Girardi Tegner, Douglas Rafael Veit e Secundino Luis Henrique Corcini Neto


Modularization and the effects in production process: an evaluation on a bus manufacturer

Authors: Fábio Sartori Piran, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Luis Felipe Riehs Camargo, Carlos Viero e Aline Dresch


Solid Waste Management: An analysis in hospitals of the region of the Sinos River Valley

Authors: Lissandra Andrea Tomaszewski, Marilia Rodrigues, Gustavo da Silva Rocha e Ricardo Brandão Mansilha


Proposal of a Theoretical Framework for Analysis of Football Supply Chain

Authors: Rosiane Serrano, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Ricardo Augusto Cassel e Aline Dresch


Analysis of publications in the operations management area that address to innovation in Brazil

Authors: Aline Dresch, Flávio Kubota e Paulo Kauchick Miguel


Ergonomics and Safety in Aviation Sector: A contribution of the Participatory Diagnostic of Risks in a Aircraft Maintenance Environment

Authors: Pedro Nascimento de Lima, Danna Campos Vieira, Mateus Girardi Tegner, Igor Heck e Fabiano Rodrigues da Luz


What improves the service operations in small and medium enterprises? Tools for Service Operations Improvement and an application in six companies in São Leopoldo - RS in the context of the Business Project Business Step 3

Authors: Pedro Nascimento de Lima e Mateus Girardi Tegner

GMAP | UNISINOS researcher gives an interview to the Group A Blog

The Researcher and Academic Coordinator of the GMAP | UNISINOS, Prof. Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, gave a recent interview to the blog Group A, speaking about the publications and his professional career. In addition, emphasis is placed on Design Science Research and its importance in the national context.

Group A is dedicated since 1973 to publish books for academic audience, technical and professional, spanning over two thousand titles in print.

Check the full interview in the link: Entrevista Daniel Lacerda ao Grupo A.

How Unisinos contributes to improve management of more than 1 million enterprises in Brazil?

GMAP | UNISINOS and SEBRAE worked together in the last 5 years modeling the Business to Business Project. This is one of the projects promoted by SEBRAE with the highest coverage in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and in Brazil. Throughout the country, more than 1 million companies received personal assistance through this project [1]. Have a look on how it works watching the video below:

As SEBRAE promotes the Execution and Project Coordination, the GMAP | UNISINOS contributes in the early stages of the project: The Development of Method and Tools to guide the project implementation. After the project execution throughout Brazil, the project was redesigned as a business platform for SEBRAE. This job was finished on March 20, 2015, and delivered for Technical Directors of SEBRAE/RS. From now SEBRAE will run the new methodology in the state and in Brazil. In addition to contributing to management improvement of brazilian companies, this project shows that the result of academic work is relevant and useful to organizations and society. Check the photo of the Project delivery.

From left to right: Fábio Krieger - Sectorial Management of Commerce and Service - SEBRAE/RS; Viviane Ferran - Individual Service Management - SEBRAE/RS ; Márcia Perachi - Individual Service Management - SEBRAE/RS; Ayrton P. Ramos - Technical Director - SEBRAE/RS; Daniel Pacheco Lacerda - GMAP | UNISINOS; Aline Dresch - GMAP | UNISINOS; Douglas Veit - GMAP | UNISINOS.

Read more about this project in this link.


Biomimicry: Innovation inspired by Nature

In Feb. 05 - 06th, 2015 was held the Course and Workshop "Biomimicry: Innovation inspired by Nature", given by Giane Cauzzi Brocco (Master Student) and Luis Henrique Rodrigues (GMAP | UNISINOS Coordinator) and promoted by the General Management of Technology and Eco-Efficiency from Samarcocompany in the mining sector, in Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil.

The event included the participation of Samarco employees and also had the participation of invited partners companies such as Vale and Waycarbon. The event aimed to create new opportunities for the application of biomimicry in the area of mining and the identification and exploration of potential biomimicry solutions to the operational challenges of the production chain of Samarco.

Check out some pictures of the event:

Researcher of GMAP | UNISINOS wins Gaucho Researcher Award in the Category Researcher in Company

The Foundation for Research Support of Rio Grande do Sul (Fapergs), linked to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technological Development (SCIT), announced on Wednesday (1) the standouts of the gaucho scientific research.

Main distinction focused on science and technology of the State, the Gaucho Researcher Award has graced 14 researchers responsible for studies in five fields of knowledge, industry and technological innovation. The award demonstrates the important role of research in improving the lives of society. [1]

In the category Researcher in Company, the GMAP | UNISINOS researcher, Dr. Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, won the prize which was competed by many researchers from all over the Rio Grande do Sul.

This is one more Award that GMAP | UNISINOS received in 2014, showing the relevance of the Group researches and the ability of its researchers.

To read more informations about the Gaucho Researcher Award, visit:

[1] -

GMAP wins the ABEPRO Prize, again!


The Brazillian Association of Production Engineering - ABEPRO, based on a decision taken by the organizating comission of the XXXIV National Meeting of Production Engineering (ENEGEP 2014), revealed the winner of the ABEPRO Prize 2014, and the Student Iberê Guarani de Souza was congratulated as the Best Achademic Masters Dissertation.

The dissertation, oriented and co-oriented by Prof. Dr. Daniel Pacheco Lacerda and Prof. Dr. Luís Felipe Riehs Camargo, both researchers at GMAP, which is entitled: "Do the improvements programs really matter? An evaluation in a manufacturing company", won the contest between competitors from all over the country, being rated as the Best Masters Dissertation of Brazil.

In the second consecutive year, the award is earned by students in the Postgraduate Program in Production Engineering of Unisinos, also oriented by the researchers of GMAP | UNISINOS.

For more information about the award, check this link.

Coming Soon - Book Design Science Research

The GMAP | UNISINOS is pleased to announce the release of the book Design Science Research - Research Method for the Advancement of Science and Technology, to be held soon in Portuguese, published by Bookman, and in English by Springer Publishing. The version of the book to be published by the English publisher is in the final stages of publication, and your information can already be found on the book page.

The book, written by Aline Dresch, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda Antunes and José Antonio Valle Jr., proposes a research method aimed at conducting research that are relevant to organizations.

Both organizations and the researchers argue about the need for more impactful research on the reality of business. Currently, researchers are dedicated to describe, explore, explain and predict phenomena, and little attention is paid to prescribe solutions and artifacts needed to address problems in different research fields and sectors. Herbert Simon proposes the need to develop the Science of the Artificial (Design Science) arguing that our reality and more artificial than natural.

However, research conducted by the premises of the Design Science is scattered in different fields of research: i) administration; ii) Information Systems; iii) engineering, etc.

This book consolidates research about Design Science and advances proposing a method of conducting research with this focus: The Design Science Research.

Systems Thinking: Avenues of Sustainable Development

How to plan economic and social development of a city, considering the impacts of these decisions over time? How to consider the views of various actors of society and reach a consensus about what is needed for a city to develop in the long term? How evaluate in a objective way the possible avenues of investment of a city?


The Role of Research in the State Development

20 Universities working in all 28 regions of the state. Over 100 Extensionists mobilized. R$ 11.8 million already invested. 2296 benefited companies [1]. These numbers reflect the size of the Project of Productive Extension and Innovation (Projeto Extensão Produtiva e Inovação), promoted by the Govern of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, by Gaucho Agency of Development and Investment Promotion (AGDI - Agência Gaúcha de Desenvolvimento e Promoção do Investimento).

The purpose of this project is to bring Extensionists to companies to guide the improvement of production efficiency, as well as support them in developing projects focused on innovation, with the development agencies and financing banks.

Watch the video below to understand the important role of research for the development of our society:


How to mobilize more than 100 extension for the execution of this objective? How to define what should be done to improve efficiency? Do That process can take local firms to become more efficient?

Using Business Management Processes, and knowledge in Lean Manufacturing , the GMAP | UNISINOS acts since 2011 to create and update method that organizes the execution of the Project of Productive Extension in the whole state, answering the questions listed above. Using existing knowledge in the academy, and through a applied research project, the concepts written in books are applied to the real world, becoming positive results for society as make the industry more competitive.

According to Ivan De Pellegrin, CEO of AGDI, "This policy constitutes in the greatest extension project of the country, this is no small thing. Extensionists are working with industries to qualify the business management. And it has also contributed to qualify the other regional development policies of the State Government" [1].

In this sense, the GMAP | UNISINOS meets its goal, developing not only academic knowledge but also applying this knowledge for the development of our society.

[1] -

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