Coming Soon - Book Design Science Research

The GMAP | UNISINOS is pleased to announce the release of the book Design Science Research - Research Method for the Advancement of Science and Technology, to be held soon in Portuguese, published by Bookman, and in English by Springer Publishing. The version of the book to be published by the English publisher is in the final stages of publication, and your information can already be found on the book page.

The book, written by Aline Dresch, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda Antunes and José Antonio Valle Jr., proposes a research method aimed at conducting research that are relevant to organizations.

Both organizations and the researchers argue about the need for more impactful research on the reality of business. Currently, researchers are dedicated to describe, explore, explain and predict phenomena, and little attention is paid to prescribe solutions and artifacts needed to address problems in different research fields and sectors. Herbert Simon proposes the need to develop the Science of the Artificial (Design Science) arguing that our reality and more artificial than natural.

However, research conducted by the premises of the Design Science is scattered in different fields of research: i) administration; ii) Information Systems; iii) engineering, etc.

This book consolidates research about Design Science and advances proposing a method of conducting research with this focus: The Design Science Research.

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