The Role of Research in the State Development

20 Universities working in all 28 regions of the state. Over 100 Extensionists mobilized. R$ 11.8 million already invested. 2296 benefited companies [1]. These numbers reflect the size of the Project of Productive Extension and Innovation (Projeto Extensão Produtiva e Inovação), promoted by the Govern of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, by Gaucho Agency of Development and Investment Promotion (AGDI - Agência Gaúcha de Desenvolvimento e Promoção do Investimento).

The purpose of this project is to bring Extensionists to companies to guide the improvement of production efficiency, as well as support them in developing projects focused on innovation, with the development agencies and financing banks.

Watch the video below to understand the important role of research for the development of our society:


How to mobilize more than 100 extension for the execution of this objective? How to define what should be done to improve efficiency? Do That process can take local firms to become more efficient?

Using Business Management Processes, and knowledge in Lean Manufacturing , the GMAP | UNISINOS acts since 2011 to create and update method that organizes the execution of the Project of Productive Extension in the whole state, answering the questions listed above. Using existing knowledge in the academy, and through a applied research project, the concepts written in books are applied to the real world, becoming positive results for society as make the industry more competitive.

According to Ivan De Pellegrin, CEO of AGDI, "This policy constitutes in the greatest extension project of the country, this is no small thing. Extensionists are working with industries to qualify the business management. And it has also contributed to qualify the other regional development policies of the State Government" [1].

In this sense, the GMAP | UNISINOS meets its goal, developing not only academic knowledge but also applying this knowledge for the development of our society.

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