10 Articles Approved in ENEGEP 2015

On 1 July 2015, the Brazilian Association of Production Engineering - ABEPRO released the results of the evaluations of articles submitted to the XXXV National Meeting in Production Engineering - ENEGEP. In all, the GMAP | UNISINOS team had ten articles approved by peers, described below:


Minimizing maintenance costs: An alternative to balance the resources of a preventive maintenance schedule using Linear Programming and Reliability Engineering

Authors: Pedro Nascimento de Lima, Douglas Rhoden Calderaro, Dieter Brackmann Goldmeyer, Luis Henrique Rodrigues e Maria Isabel Wolf Motta Morandi


Lean office in practice: Proposition and application of a method in a perspective of process management

Authors: Pedro Nascimento de Lima, Mateus Girardi Tegner, Secundino Luis Henrique Corcini Neto e Douglas Rafael Veit


Proposition of a systemic approach to identify levering actions to increase interdepartmental cooperation

Authors: Mateus dos Santos Machado, Luis Henrique Rodrigues, Pedro Nascimento de Lima e Maria Isabel Wolf Motta Morandi


Value Stream Mapping: a case study in a large brewery

Authors: Diego Damasio de Lima, Mateus Girardi Tegner, Douglas Rafael Veit e Secundino Luis Henrique Corcini Neto


Modularization and the effects in production process: an evaluation on a bus manufacturer

Authors: Fábio Sartori Piran, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Luis Felipe Riehs Camargo, Carlos Viero e Aline Dresch


Solid Waste Management: An analysis in hospitals of the region of the Sinos River Valley

Authors: Lissandra Andrea Tomaszewski, Marilia Rodrigues, Gustavo da Silva Rocha e Ricardo Brandão Mansilha


Proposal of a Theoretical Framework for Analysis of Football Supply Chain

Authors: Rosiane Serrano, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Ricardo Augusto Cassel e Aline Dresch


Analysis of publications in the operations management area that address to innovation in Brazil

Authors: Aline Dresch, Flávio Kubota e Paulo Kauchick Miguel


Ergonomics and Safety in Aviation Sector: A contribution of the Participatory Diagnostic of Risks in a Aircraft Maintenance Environment

Authors: Pedro Nascimento de Lima, Danna Campos Vieira, Mateus Girardi Tegner, Igor Heck e Fabiano Rodrigues da Luz


What improves the service operations in small and medium enterprises? Tools for Service Operations Improvement and an application in six companies in São Leopoldo - RS in the context of the Business Project Business Step 3

Authors: Pedro Nascimento de Lima e Mateus Girardi Tegner

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