What is Systems Thinking?

Systems Thinking is one of those difficult terms to define without restricting its full meaning. We can say that Systems Thinking is not trying to predict the future, even adapt to the future, or solving problems reactively.

Systems Thinking is related to the understanding of the forces that shape the future, acting on structures that will make this future.

Thus, we can define Systems Thinking as the competence to evaluate the impact of our decisions in time and space.

Which problems that Systems Thinking helps to solve?

The Systemic thinking is applied to complex problems, such as setting the overall strategic direction of an enterprise, planning the future of a city, and all sorts of complex issues.

What is the experience of GMAP | UNISINOS with this technique?

The GMAP | UNISINOS has consistently applied the Systems Thinking over the years on various projects in large companies. 

I want to solve a problem in partnership with the GMAP | UNISINOS using the Systems Thinking. What do I do?

Contact us and talk about the problem you want to analyze with Systemic Thinking!

I want to know more about Systems Thinking. What do I do?


Learn more about the Systems Thinking watching this lecture given by Professor Luis Henrique Rodrigues:


We also offer lectures about Systems Thinking on demand. Contact us to learn more.


If you want to go deeper on this subject, read the book Systems Thinking - Fieldbook. Here you will find real cases of application of Systems Thinking, as well as a description of the method used to conduct projects using the Systems Thinking.


The courses of  Production Engineering and the  Masters in Production Engineering have a matter dedicated to Systems Thinking. Join these courses, or do a enrollment as non regular student to know better the Systems Thinking.

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