An approach to structuring and conducting workforce planning projects

Título: An approach to structuring and conducting workforce planning projects. (Clique para ter acesso ao Artigo Completo em PDF)

Resumo: Building on a study of quantitative and qualitative approaches to workforce planning, a structure and a set of steps are proposed for conducting workforce planning projects in organizations. This approach contemplates four styles of governance applicable to a workforce planning project and the combinations (centralized or decentralized) to be used in the process of reaching decisions in the various difference organizational units. Its structure also comprises the sequencing necessary for workforce planning, as well as the various elements that make up each of the steps. Lastly, its application leads to the systematic construction of an information base that can contribute to enhancing the assertiveness of workforce planning decision making.

Periódico: African Journal of Business Management, v. 7, p. 789-800, 2013.

Autores: Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Heitor Mansur Caulliraux, Thaís Spiegel, Secundino L.H. Corcini Neto.