Design Science and Design Science Research - Research Method for the Advancement of Science and Technology

Title: Design Science and Design Science Research - Research Method for the Advancement of Science and Technology

Consolidating existing knowledge in Design Science, this book proposes a new research method to aid the exploration of design and problem solving within business, science and technology. It seeks to overcome a dichotomy that exists in the field between theory and practice to enable researches to find solutions to problems, rather than focusing on the explanation and exploration of the problems themselves.

Currently, researches concentrate on to describing, exploring, explaining and predicting phenomena, and little attention is devoted to prescribing solutions. Herbert Simon proposes the need to develop a Science of the Artificial (Design Science), arguing that our reality is much more artificial than natural. However, the research conducted on the Design Science premises has so far been scattered and erratic in different fields of research, such as management, systems information and engineering.

This book aims to address this issue by bringing these fields together and emphasising the need for solutions. This book provides a valuable resource to students and researchers of research methods, information systems, management and management science, and production and operations management.

Authors: Aline Dresch, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, José Antônio Valle Antunes Jr.

Publisher: SPRINGER

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Production Strategy

Title: Estratégia de Produção: 20 Artigos clássicos para Aumentar a Competitividade da Empresa (Production Strategy - 20 Classic Articles to Improve Company Competitiveness)

Organized by professors with renowned expertise in the subject. Operations Strategy brings a collection of classic articles widely used in major business schools in the United States and Brazil. These articles were published in important international journals and are the result of fundamental research to the advancement of the area.

Authors: Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Rafael Teixeira, Junico Antunes, Douglas Veit

Publisher: Bookman.

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Logistics Project Management

Title: Gerenciamento de projetos logísticos (Logistics project management).

Approach to project management, from conceptualization of what is considered a project, its features and how to manage them in order to increase success in execution. Evaluation of how projects emerge, how they are prioritized and how the selected projects are formalized from the opening term. Presentation of some tool for analysis and viability of projects, time management and techniques to prepare the schedule and identification of the critical path. Identification, analysis, monitoring and control of project risks. Concepts of management, in costs, quality, acquisitions, human resources and communication.

Authoress: Maria Isabel Wolf Motta Morandi

Publisher: UNISINOS

Systems Thinking - Fieldbook

Title: Pensamento Sistêmico - Caderno de Campo: O desafio da mudança sustentada nas organizações e na sociedade (Systems Thinking - Fieldbook: The challenge of change sustained in organizations and society).

A guide to implementing the management approach developed by Peter Senge in the United States. Aimed to the Brazilian reality, brings real examples and cases that were involved and participated approximately 40 collaborators of the work. It has rich additional material on the support site.

Authors: Aurélio L. Andrade, Acyr Seleme, Luís Henrique Rodrigues, Rodrigo Souto.

Publisher: Bookman.

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Resource Based Strategy

Title: Estratégia Baseada em Recursos: 15 Artigos Clásssicos para Sustentar Vantagens Competitivas (Strategy Based on Resources: 15 Classic Articles to Sustain Competitive Advantages).

The direct read of classical texts will open new perspectives for: understanding of the strategies of competitors; formulation of organizational strategy based on resources and internal capabilities; understanding the trajectory and strategic decisions; visualization and strategic management of internal resources of companies.

Authors: Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Rafael Teixeira, Junico Antunes, Secundino Luis Henrique Corcini Neto.

Publisher: Bookman.

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Methodological Challenges and Emerging Topics in Production Engineering

Title: Tópicos Emergentes e Desafios Metodológicos em Engenharia de Produção: Casos, Experiências e Proposições (Methodological Challenges and Emerging Topics in Production Engineering: Cases, experiences and proposals).

The construction process of the chapters of this book, from the initial ideas of renowned researchers who are the perpetrators, through discussion of these ideas in an event of the scale of ENEGEP, causes reflections and contained propositions in this work are significantly consistent and sedimented . Furthermore, the general theme of the book, allied to diversity of approaches implemented by different authors, makes this important work available to teachers, students, professionals and other interested parties.

Authors: Daniel Pacheco LacerdaVanderli Fava de Oliveira, Vagner Cavenaghi, Francisco Soares Másculo, Annibal Parracho Sant’Anna, Ciliana Regina Colombo, João Amato Neto, Sebastião D. C. Souza, Marly Monteiro de Carvalho.

Publisher: ABEPRO

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