Application of design of experiments for product development in the sanitizing industry

Title: Aplicação das técnicas de planejamento e análise de experimentos no desenvolvimento de novos produtos em uma empresa de saneantes. (Application of design of experiments for product development in the sanitizing industry).

Abstract: New product development in chemical industry is a very important factor in competitive strategy. The development occurs mainly from theoretical data and laboratory tests. However, these tests do not represent statistics robustness and often require greater time to development a new product. This article proposes the use of design and analysis of experiments to support the new product development team in an industry that develops disinfectant product for use in hospitals. The statistical method, analysis of experiments, presents a range of possible responses to the output variable, unlike the traditional method used by the company analyzed. Design of experiments method, initially increases the cost and labor force, however it saves in response time and quality of responses, enabling a reduction of cost in new product formulation.

Journal: Estudos Tecnológicos (Online), v. 5, p. 404-420, 2010.

Authors: Luis Felipe Riehs Camargo, Vinicius Moreira, Guilherme Luis R. Vaccaro.

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