Proposition of a Customer Lifetime Value model to evaluate production system improvements

Title: Proposição de um modelo baseado em Customer Lifetime Value para a análise de melhorias no sistema produtivo. (Proposition of a Customer Lifetime Value model to evaluate production system improvements).

Abstract: This paper aims to propose a model to investigate the effect of improvements on the productive system on the organization considering customer value. The model proposed combine variables representing the productive process, market, and marketing metrics. It consists of three fundamental elements: consumers and their needs and perceptions of products and services; characteristics of the productive system; and rules to analyze the impact of adoption of different improvements on the productive system. Customer lifetime value (CLV) was measured and a discrete choice model (logit) is proposed as an integrator between production and marketing perspectives. The research methodology consisted of four steps: referential research, conceptual modeling, application in a particular case, and results analysis. As a result, it is observed that upon availability of information and time, it contributes to the identification of improvements involving both involving production vision and financial sustainability.

Journal: Gestão e Produção (UFSCar), v. 18, p. 285-298, 2011.

Authors: Luis Felipe Riehs Camargo, Guilherme Luis R. Vaccaro.

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