New economics: a proposal for meaning

Title: Novas economias: uma proposta de significação. (New economics: a proposal for meaning).

Abstract: This study proposes a meaning to the expression "New Economies", bringing theoretical and practical elements as a basis for the discussion and construction of that concept. The discussion begins with the proposition of five guiding dimensions for the concept of New Economics: i) competitiveness; ii) entrepreneurship; iii) sustainability; iv) innovation; and v) market orientation. Then, it presents a survey conducted with 120 companies from the State of Rio Grande do Sul aiming to measure the extent to which they consider themselves ready to compete in the New Economics. The results show significant evidence that the companies realize the importance of the proposed dimensions, judging themselves prepared to act according to that concept.

Journal: Produção (São Paulo. Impresso), v. 22, p. 490-501, 2012.

Authors: Guilherme Luís R. Vaccaro, Luis Felipe Riehs Camargo, Débora Oliveira da Silva, Cristopher R. Pohlmann.

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