Service Production - An experience in the education sector

Title: Produção de Serviços - Uma experiência no setor da Educação. (Service Production - An experience in the Education sector).

Abstract: The production of services has presented several concepts and a growing importance inside of the operations area. Though, few studies have been trying to demonstrate the use of such concepts and production techniques for educational area. Studies in this area are important due to its characteristics of an almost a pure service. This article has the objective of analyzing the modifications in the production area of services made by a school. For so much, it has made a theoretical rising concerning the theme and a case has analyzed. The authors make some critics and, finally, conclude that theory in production can aid the development of the operations in the educational area.

Journal: Organizações & Sociedade (Impresso), Salvador, v. 13, n.37, p. 33-47, 2006.

Authors: Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Rafael Teixeira.

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