Power Relations in the Economy Project Communion

Title: Relações de Poder no Projeto de Economia de Comunhão. (Power Relations in the Economy Project Communion).

Abstract: The exploratory research, summarized here, is inserted in a context of ìcrisisî socio. This ìcrisisî forwards the need for transformative change. A proposed change, added to existing, is being investigated as an alternative form of management: the Economy of Communion. Within this theme, this research is limited to an attempt of analysis of power in companies that adopt this form of management. First, it was researched, along with entrepreneurs representing a common vision to characterize the object. We performed a case study in one of the major companies that fit the concept of Economy of Communion. The method of content analysis was used to extract conclusions about the behavior of the phenomenon of power in these organizations. The summary tables produced on the interviews provide evidence to demonstrate idiosyncrasies in the exercise of the power of this new proposed management in counterpoint with the disseminated widely in the production system. Such evidence indicated the influence of the assumptions supporters of the Project on power relations, making possible an organizational practice close to what is called a radical humanist paradigm in organizational theory

Journal: Revista de Administração da UFSM, v. 3, p. 76-93, 2010.

Authors: Guido Vaz Silva, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda.

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