Assessment of Impacts on Business Processes from Adopting ERP: An Exploratory Analysis in a Hotel

Title: Avaliação dos Impactos nos Processos de Negócio pela Adoção de um Sistema Integrado de Gestão: Análise Exploratória em uma Empresa Hoteleira. (Assessment of Impacts on Business Processes from Adopting ERP: An Exploratory Analysis in a Hotel).

Abstract: The growing of IT in companies could be explained by the promise of reducing costs and rationalizing the organizational processes. This is made possible, for example, by the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that required a process’s knowledge from the company managers. Thus, the comprehension of the possible repercussions by the adoption or adjustment of an ERP system has became a relevant field for research. It is necessary to measure not only the impact on the activities but also on document’s utilization, computer programs, risks, databases and other items that support the activities which are part of each process in the company. In this context, business process modeling could be use as a tool to assess the impacts caused by the adoption of an IMS in the organization’s processes. Although several authors discuss the consequences of implementing an ERP, there are a few that describe the impacts on the business processes. This absence could challenge the arguments to support or criticism of an ERP’s adoption, specifically, or diverse implementations, in general. Consequently, this paper intends to describe the impacts caused by the adoption of an ERP by using a theoretical framework from business processes engineering, as a general approach, and ARIS methodology (architecture of integrated information systems), as a specific one. The outcomes obtained were promising and brought concrete possibilities for replications of the methodology. Aspects such as risk management by using processes modeling and implementing ERP together still require to be studied in depth. 

Journal: TPA - Teoria e Prática em Administração, v. 1, p. 18-42, 2011.

Authors: Priscila Ferraz Soares, Daniel Pacheco LacerdaLázaro Ricardo Alves Saliba.

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