Design Science Research: a research method to production engineering

Title: Design Science Research: método de pesquisa para a engenharia de produção. (Design Science Research: a research method to production engineering).

Abstract: This paper aims to contribute to the Brazilian community of Production Engineering addressing the need to adopt a research strategy focused on the evolution of Production Engineering as a Design Science (DS) showing its effects and process. A theoretical and conceptual methodological approach based on an extensive literature review was used. The literature review showed that the concepts of the methodology proposed associated to Design Science Research (DSR) are relevant and can be applied to Production Engineering. The present study presents a review of DS and DSR concepts stressing the importance of defining the classes of problems and the artifacts to solve them. It also suggests appropriate steps to conduct DSR in Production Engineering context. To deepen the understanding of the meaning of DSR, this article also makes analyses and comparisons between DSR, Case Study, and Action Research in order to clarify the main differences between these methods. Finally, this study makes some remarks on the application of DSR methods and the validation of DSR results.

Journal: Gestão & Produção (UFSCAR. Impresso), v. 20, p. 741-761, 2013.

Authors: Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Aline Dresch, Adriano Proença, José Antônio Valle Antunes Jr.

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