The proposition of a model of management in manufacturing capacity

Title: A proposição de um modelo de gestão da capacidade na manufatura. (The proposition of a model of management in manufacturing capacity).

Abstract: This research presents a model of productive capacity management for manufacturing systems by combining the concepts of the Theory of Constraints and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). The main objective of this paper is to propose a model of capacity management to answer the following questions: i) what capacity indicators should be considered and how to measure them to measure the productive capacity of the manufacturing? ii) what is the real capacity of the production system examined before a certain ratio between capacity and market demand? The discussion of the proposed model is relevant to the extent that the definition of productive capacity enables better management of resources and capabilities, improve production scheduling and meeting the demands imposed by the market. This study presents a proposition of using Operating Income Index Global (IROG) with a different approach from that of the traditional literature that deals with the theme, presented by Nakajima (1988). The survey results allowed to develop a model capable of determining the productive capacity of the system and the impact on the productive capacity of the whole system, when considering the quality of nonconformities that occur after the bottleneck resource of production flow.

Journal: Espacios (Caracas), v. 34, p. 14, 2013.

Authors: Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, José Antônio Valle Antunes Jr, Diego A. J. Pacheco, Dieter Brackman Goldmeyer, Charles Von Gilsa.

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