Supply Chain Management: a view from the Theory of Constraints

Title: Gestão da Cadeia de Suprimentos: uma reflexão a partir da Teoria das Restrições. (Supply Chain Management: a view from the Theory of Constraints).

Abstract: Among the various theoretical approaches of production systems, has excelled in entrepreneurial and academic discussions Theory of Constraints (TOC). Concomitantly expands and grows in importance, the discussions regarding Supply Chain Management (SCM). This is because the definition of strategies of Supply Chain (SC) can determine the viability of an operation. In this context, this paper proposes to conduct a theoretical reflection of SGM from the TOC. Within the environment of SCM four elements were chosen for this study: stock, transport, localization and logistic services that are analyzed by the proposals set out in the TOC, giving rise to a number of possibilities to be developed for the SCM. Finally this study summarizes the relationship built between the four elements and TOC, and presents possibilities for future applications derived from this work and its limitations.

Journal: Espacios (Caracas), v. 35, p. 3-16, 2014.

Authors: Luis Henrique RodriguesDaniel Pacheco Lacerda,Secundino L.H. Corcini Neto, Cláudio Sikileiro.

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