The Theory of Constraints as a guide of actions to SMED

Title: A Teoria das Restrições como balizadora das ações visando a Troca Rápida de Ferramentas. (The Theory of Constraints as a guide of actions to SMED)

Abstract: This paper presents the relationship between two well-known techniques with in lndustrial Management: SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) and the Theory of Constraints (TOC). As a first step, it is discussed the macroeconomics environment and its relationship with microeconomics aspects of the SMED. After that, the main advantages ofcost and set-up time reductions are discussed and the TOC is proposed as away to define priorities to SMED activities. Both, SMED concepts and TOC concepts are presented in this paper. Finally, an example is built up to show the synergy between the two techniques and a conclusion is presented.

Journal: Produção (São Paulo), Belo Horizonte, v. 3, p. 73-86, 1993.

Authors: Luis Henrique Rodrigues, José Antônio Valle Antunes Jr.

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