Masters Dissertation - Aline Dresch

Title: Design Science e Design Science Research como Artefatos Metodológicos para Engenharia de Produção.

Abstract: To ensure that research is recognized as potentially relevant and solid, by both academic field and society in general, it must demonstrate that it was developed with rigor and is liable to debate and verification. It is in this context that a robust research method becomes essential to successfully conduct a study. This study seeks to contribute with the Production Engineering community debating the need to adopt a method of research focused on the evolution of Design Science, showing its meaning and its ways of operation. For this study was used an approach based on theoretical and conceptual extensive literature review. From the literature review, was possible to assert that the concepts associated with the proposed methodological research on Design Science are relevant and applicable to Production Engineering. This dissertation presents a conceptual history about the Design Science and Design Science Research, the importance of defining the Classes of Problems and Artifacts generated from a research, and key steps to operationalize the Design Science Research. To deepen the understanding of the staff concerned, this study also proposes comparisons and analyzes on the Design Science and its relationship with the traditional sciences. Finally, the study discusses some attenttion points for the use and validation of Design Science Research.

Authoress: Aline Dresch

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