Masters Dissertation - Dieter Brackmann Goldmeyer

Title: Construção de uma estrutura de governança para o uso continuado de modelos de simulação computacional por intermédio do processo de pensamento da teoria das restrições

Abstract: The Discrete Event Simulation is a powerful tool in the solution of complex problems in industry. The tendency, according to experts, is that it will become and important tool in the decision making process of the organizations. There are, however, difficulties in the process prevision does not become concrete. This research proposes a way to integrate and, most importantly, guarantee the continuous suitable usage of Discrete Event Simulation Models, by empirical research with experts in the subject and a national and international theorical reference about the reasons of the interruption of the functional longevity on the Simulation Models. The Thinking Process of Theory of Constraints (TOC) besides helping the analyses changing implementation process. The result of the research was a framework divided in three steps: preparation of the company, development of the system and maintenance with reflection in processes, which togheter with the accountant structure of benefits, tries to explain a new way of understanding the costs and possible gains that the model will suggest to the organization. The contribution of the research is about a governance proposal which can guarantee the continuous usage of computational simulation models and generate gains to the organization.

Author: Dieter Brackmann Goldmeyer

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