Masters Dissertation - Luis Felipe Riehs Camargo

Title: Proposição de um modelo baseado em Customer Lifetime Value para Análise de Melhorias no Sistema Produtivo

Abstract: This research aims to propose a method and a mathematic model based on a metric Customer Lifetime Value to analyze jointly the consumer?s preferences and perceptions, the relation between preferences and productive system and potential improvements on productive process. The applied research method shows three stages: the first one explores the literature to find relevant elements for the proposed objective; the second one aims the mathematic model and the evaluation method of improvements and the last one applies all proposals in a real case. This case study allows to analyze practiced results generated by the model and the method and to evaluate application viability analyses. The model is sustained by three fundamental elements: consumers, with their necessities and perceptions about the products and services desired; characteristics of the productive system; and rules to analyze the impact of adoption of different improvements on the productive on the Customer Lifetime Value. The method focuses on interface element between latent marketing and production assessing production system improvements in view of consumer?s preferences and perceptions. The proposed method and model aimed at generating tools to aid decision-making about investments on the process improvement and at understand the consumers? preferences structures. They are applied on a gas station that supports discussions about practices results and application viability.

Author: Luís Felipe Riehs Camargo

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