Development of Methodology for Implementation of the ANTARA Integrated System

Title: Implantation method of ANTARA Integrated System.

Knowledge Areas:

Situation: Projeto Completed.


Descrição: This applied research project aims to develop a methodology to implement ANTARA System. The implementation of systems, in general, of specialized systems, in particular, in addition to hindering the expansion and competitiveness of enterprises, is a important limiter of the internalization of Brazilians Software Producers.Thus, based on previous experience of Systemhaus and conceptual baggage in Production Engineering from the GMAP | UNISINOS, a methodological approach that allows a better implantation process for the software will be developed.

  • Survey of the state-of-the-art in terms of problems and solutions associated with systems implementation.

  • Analysis and proposal for structuring the process of deploying Antara System.

  • Organizational manual of procecess for the implementation of Antara System.

  • Instruments for registration of information (forms).

  • Training materials for deployers of Antara System.

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