Method of the Project Business to Business Stage 3 and Modeling of Pre-Disposition to Collectivism of Sebrae/RS

Title: Proposition method for execution of the project business to business Stage 3 and modeling of predisposition to collectivism to Sebrae/RS.

Knowledge Areas: Business Processes Management, Organizational Project and Modeling.

Situation: Project Completed.


Description: The applied research project that aims to meet two goals. The first, called Goal 1, will be identified as Business to Business Stage 3. The second, called Goal 2, will be identified as the Modeling of Pre-Disposition to Collectivism. Goal 1 is theoretically supported by the pillars of Business Process Management, Organizational Project and Modeling. The specific goals of the first step of the project are:

  • Review of the existing organizational structure; Methodology of project execution.

  • Development of documents and forms required for implementation of the methodology.

  • Elaboration of a book of tools with focus on incremental innovation and service operations.

  • Development of a manual that guides the execution method.

  • Conducting a training for SEBRAE's staff .

The second goal, in turn, aims to evaluate the predisposition for the participation of companies to collectivism, in order to direct them towards collective projects of SEBRAE. Goal 2 has the following objectives:

  • Development of a instrument to measure the predisposition to collectivism of the project companies

  • Describe the method for the data analysis and collection.

To realize this aim, statistical techniques such as factor analysis, reliability, among others will be used. The overall objective of the project is to insert techniques and tools to improve the small and medium enterprises operations. Also, makes the bridge to the development of projects collectively, to measure the predisposition towards collectivism of these organizations. This project will allow the dissemination of tools for improvement in service operations for 5000 companies.