Proposition of a Business Platform for SEBRAE/RS and a Tool notebook to support the actions of this Platform

Title: Proposition of a Business Platform for SEBRAE/RS and a Tool notebook to support the actions of this Platform

Knowledge Areas: Engenharia de Processos e Negócio, Projeto Organizacional e Modelagem.

Situation: Project Completed.

Description: Micro and small enterprises have significant participation in the generation of employment and income in the Brazilian economy. In this context, also are included micro-enterpreneurs. These organizations have suffered with the growth of competitiveness based on factors ranging importation of products to internal management problems. This last aspect motivated SEBRAE to redesign the Business to Business Project. In this sense, this project will critically evaluate the Business to Business Project, aiming to support a set of actions of SEBRAE that qualify the management of Micro and Small Enterprises (ME) and Micro-entrepreneurs. Theoretically, concepts of Business Ecosystems, supported by the Business Process Engineering and the Organizational Design. In methodological terms, we will use the Design Science and Design Science Research with the paradigm and research method for the construction and evaluation of the artifacts required for the project. Among the main deliverables of the research project can be listed:

  • Modeling of the roles, responsibilities and skills required for managing the Business Platform Project; 
  • Method for implementing the Business Platform Project of SEBRAE/RS. For this, will be developed the processes modeling that make up the Value Added Chain (VAC), in ARIS notation (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems) as well as the details on activity level in processes with the use of EPCs (Event Driven Process Chain); 
  • Development of documents and forms that will be required for execution of the activities planned for the Business Platform Project; 
  • Development of a management diagnostic based from the Incremental Diagnostic of SEBRAE (Q2) to guide the indication of tools to companies; 
  • Development of a Tool book with focus on five main themes: Finances; Planning; Market; Organization; Human Resources; 
  • Execution of a pre-test in five (5) companies in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre; 
  • Elaboration of Project Manual that will show the processes logic; 
  • Elaboration of Agent Manual, guiding the method execution;
  • Capacitation for both internal staff of SEBRAE as for the set of Executive Universities of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Team: Daniel Pacheco Lacerda - Coordinator / Secundino Luis Henrique Corcini Neto - Integrant / Douglas Rafael Veit - Integrant / Aline Dresch - Integrant / Pedro de Nascimento Lima - Integrant / Mateus Girardi Tegner - Integrant.

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