Definition of Sustainability Commitments and Targets of Fibria Using Systems Thinking Approach and Scenario Planning

TitleTechnical Report of the definitions of commitments: Metrics and Targets of Sustainability of Fibria.

Knowledge Areas: Systems Thinking, Scenario Planning

Situation: Project Completed.

Description: The project's main objective:

  • the systemic construction of the sustainability commitments of FIBRIA, aligned with the strategic vision of the company.

In terms of guiding questions:

  • What are the targets and metrics for evaluation, in the short, medium and long term, to reach the compromises of FIBRIA's Sustainability?

  • What are the impacts for FIBRIA, if these commitments are not reached?

  • What are the levers and limitation for the activation of those commitments?

  • How make sure the effectiveness of the internalization and external recognition of FIBRIA's Sustainability commitments?